Colored Interior Plaster Finishes

This has become our specialty. Basically, it is applied the same way as lime putty. To get the colors, we use a pre-mixed plaster finish. The whiter the mix, the better. We prefer to use Kal-Kote smooth finish in the Dallas area.

We add powdered color pigments to the mud to get the desired finished color. This product is finished in a way similar to lime putty. Examples of the variety of color finishes we offer can be found on the Blue Mesa Grill project page, at a Dallas residence, and by clicking the samples below.

Each of the samples above are linked to a 1024 pixel x 768 pixel image. The larger images give a better idea of the actual appearance of a finished wall. However, only while viewing and touching a real-world, finished wall can you experience the splendor of these beautiful finishes!

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