Blue Mesa Grill – Ft. Worth, Texas

This is a buff wall. We added streaks of buff, which compliment the lighting arrangement.
On this wall, we embedded a latice work into the plaster. The color is goldenrod.
This wall is in the bar area. It features a green wall with multi-colored streaks. The cubby is done in a solid lime green.
Buff wall, with lime green cubby.
Solid red plaster finish, with cedar posts.
This is in the entrance of the restaurant. We called it "the sanctuary" when we were working on it. It is done in an off-white.
They say that a picture is worth a thousand words.  We have to wonder if that's the case here.  The photographs don't emanate the full beauty of the plaster.  To appreciate the plasterwork, as well as enjoy some delicious southwestern food, you'll have to visit the Blue Mesa Grill in person.
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