Celebrating 30 Years of Excellence in Plaster Finishes!

“There is nothing worse than a bad plaster job… and there is nothing more beautiful than a good plaster job.”  That’s what a man that I worked for many years ago would say.  I think he’s right.

Mark ClineMy earliest memory of plaster work is when I was about 5 years old.  My older brother and I were visiting a job site that my father was working on.  At the time they were getting ready to slake the lime.  I was fascinated as my father carefully set the blocks of lime in a mortar pan full of water. When the lime hit the water, it started to bubble and boil, much like dry ice.  After a few hours, it cooked and seemed to mix itself.  With a little help from a hoe, now and then, it became rich and creamy, much like cake frosting.  It was then ready to be made into what I think is the most beautiful of all plaster finishes:  a “lime putty finish,” as the old, seasoned plasterers would call it.  I have been hooked ever since.

Over the last thirty years, I have worked with many different plaster applications.  It has always been my desire to treat plaster work as an art form.  Through this web site, I will do my best to teach you what I have learned over the years.

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Mark Cline

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